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Leave the Headaches to Us

Buying real estate in Mexico can be exciting. After all, who wouldn’t want to own a vacation or retirement home in this sunny paradise? But as exciting as it can be, buying or selling property in Mexico can be overwhelming.


All real estate transactions can impact your financial life in a good or a bad way, so it’s important you understand some of the basics of buying and selling real estate in Mexico.


Get Solid Legal Help


In the US and Canada, you may be able to get away with buying or selling a property with little or no legal help, but not in Mexico. You’ll need the services of a reputable local lawyer who will help ensure your interests are always protected.


He or she will write up the contract, both in English and Spanish, so you can be aware of all of the terms of the sale. They can also review documentation of the property and ensure there are no legal roadblocks toward the purchase. And, most importantly, they can help you set up an escrow account to protect your funds.


Don’t worry, our firm works with great lawyers all the time and we will be happy to connect you with one.


These are just a couple of complications you can run into and why you should work with a reputable local realtor who can guide you every step of the way. In the states, you can get away with going it alone, but in Mexico, you definitely need an experienced agent in your corner who will protect your assets and help you make the best decisions.


If you’re interested in buying in Mexico or selling in Mexico get in touch with us. We will eliminate the red tape and headaches so your transaction can be as stress-free as possible.