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Tulum property listings for sale

Tulum: The 80-mile stretch of coastline south of Cancun on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico -- now called the Riviera Maya and it has undergone a remarkable transformation over the past decade, becoming Mexico's fastest-growing resort area. Places like Playa de Carmen and Tulum have gone from small towns to booming resort developments. The tourist destination of Tulum is now divided into three main areas: the archaeological site, the pueblo or town, and the "hotel zone," or strip of beach lined with luxury small cabanas.

Tulum has coined the phrase "Eco Chic" to describe its laid back beachy attitude, and its trend setting cabana style resorts. Home to one of the most visited archaeological sites in The Riviera Maya; Tulum has much to offer to travelers and investors from all walks of life, travel styles, and investment budgets.


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5 photos
Sian Kaan, Suite lot
Sian Kaan Tulum MLS $1,250,000 USD 16,000 sq. m. Single Story Residential
22 photos
Aldea Zama, Suite 102(New Construction)
Tulum Aldea Zama MLS $386,250 USD 2,163 sq. ft. 2 Story Residential
5 photos
Lot # 1 Mz. 515 - Zone 8, Suite 1
Tulum Veleta MLS $120,900 USD 1,153 sq. m."Large lot" Single Story Commercial
2 photos

Sian Kaan Sian Ka'an MLS $1,000,000 USD 11,787 sq. m."300 M2 of construction allowance" Single Story Lots and Land
11 photos
Tulum, Riviera Maya Qowntown, Lot SMLS-109
Tulum Centro MLS $900,000 USD Single Story Lots and Land
15 photos
wcp-3572 tankah, quintana roo wcp-3572
Tankah MLS $720,000 USD Single Story Residential
15 photos
wcp-3573 tankah, quintana roo wcp-3573
wcp-3573 Tankah MLS $695,000 USD 780 sq. m. Single Story Residential
7 photos
wcp-4236, bahia de soliman, quinatana roo
Tankah MLS $598,000 USD 750 sq. m. Single Story Lots and Land
26 photos
Tulum, centro, downtown, Suite SMLS-040
MLS-040 Tulum Centro MLS $450,000 USD 2,850 sq. ft. 3 Story Residential
14 photos
SMLS-111 Tulum downtown av 39 norte, Lot smls-111(New Construction)
Tulum Centro MLS $400,000 USD 4,800 sq. m. Single Story Lots and Land
7 photos
Tulum zone 9 downtown, Lot SMLS-112-1
Tulum Centro MLS $350,000 USD 298 sq. m. Single Story Lots and Land
41 photos
Casa del Pueblo Tulum
Tulum MLS $325,000 USD 300 sq. m."constructed area" 2 Story "Modern House" Residential
1 photos
Tulum - Downtown Tulum MLS $265,000 USD 1 1/2 Story Commercial
12 photos
Tulum, Riviera Maya downtown 2 blocks from the city offices, Lot SMLS-110
Tulum Centro MLS $250,000 USD Single Story Lots and Land
8 photos
Tulum Avenue, Lot MLS110/A
Tulum Centro MLS $250,000 USD 352 sq. m. Single Story Lots and Land
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