Hotels for Sale in the Riviera Maya

If I list my hotel for sale, what information do I need to supply to your firm? For the optimum results, it is advisable to take the time, upfront, to supply all of the information requested by your broker. We will provide you with a comprehensive checklist of due diligence items needed to effectively market your property.

Will you market my hotel without an exclusive listing? - No, except in very unusual circumstances. Open listings will provide limited exposure for your property simply because brokers contact those few prospects where the broker feels “protected”. Secondly, the property information is often inadequate because the owner (and broker) do not devote the necessary time to compile complete information. Both of the foregoing activities are a disservice to the marketing effort. On rare occasions, we will accept a one time open listing for a specific purpose. However, it is not our standard practice. We highly discourage our brokers from accepting non-exclusive assignments. We owe our “exclusive” clients our full attention and effort. Open listings will never get the attention required to market the property effectively, no matter who the seller is or who has the “listing”.