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Specializing on selling high end residential properties in exclusive and secure communities in the Riviera Maya, we have being selling luxury real estate for 18 years.
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Teresa Gutierrez

  • Vacation in paradise!

    Are you looking for an amazing place to vacation this upcoming holiday season?
    Beachfront luxury homes and condominiums, in a beautiful gated marina community of Puerto Aventuras, in the Mexican Riviera. You can't go wrong for age group.



  • Real del Mar suite 402

    This beachfront penthouse features attractive and thoughtful in-house luxury living experience in its class. 
    With 3 bedrooms and 3.5 baths, Casa Real Del Mar has plenty of room for a comfortable living, the living area is bright and open and featuring magnificent views of the Bay of Fatima.

  • 10 reasons to move to the Riviera Maya

    1. Its wonderful beaches
    Considered among the best in the world, you can swim, snorkel, dive or simply enjoy a peaceful walk on their white sands.

    2. Relax in Puerto Aventuras 
    This tiny town is a sanctuary for families, sailors, and anyone who really wants fun in the day and to watch the stars by night. A safe gated marina community with wonderful activities all year round.

    3. Visit Tulum
    ‪#‎Tulum‬’s archaeological zone is a ‪#‎Mexican‬ symbol. Marvel yourself with the Mayan legacy and swim in its beautiful beach.

    4. Enjoy Playa del Carmen’s nightlife
    Center of entertainment in the ‪#‎RivieraMaya‬, it offers restaurants, bars, fun and incredible views of the Caribbean. You can take the ferry right there and visit Cozumel, Mexico’s biggest island.

    5. Discover the cenotes.
    The cenotes are underground rivers and caverns filled with fresh waters that will give you an amazing spectacle of nature. It’s another world!

    6. Thematic parks around the corner
    Either you’re a peaceful spectator or an adventurer, you can find all what fits your interests few miles away from home. Visit ‪#‎Xcaret‬ to know more about Mexican culture and enjoy the shows, relax at ‪#‎Xel‬-ha or boost your adrenaline with all the activities that ‪#‎Xplor‬ offers.

    7. Be in contact with nature.
    Mexico’s southeast is the home of hundreds of species of both fauna and flora. Wake up with beautiful bird’s sounds and be ready for a colorful butterfly explosion in spring.

    8. Sian Ka’an.
    South of Tulum, there’s this natural reserve declared as World Heritage by UNESCO. It has everything: cenotes, beaches, rivers, and a vast diversity of flora and fauna. No hotels, only nature and two small fishermen towns at the end of it: Punta Allen and Punta Herrero.

    9. Take some of Yucatan.
    Best hammocks and food in the world! Yucatan is the neighbor state full of color and an amazing culture. The capital, Merida, is a big city that has everything. Visit ‪#‎Valladolid‬, a couple of hours from the capital.

    ‪#‎MovetoMexico‬ ‪#‎LiveinParadise‬ ‪#‎PuertoAventuras‬


  • Monkeys!

    The small town of Puerto Aventuras is home to a variety of local wildlife. One of our favorites is the local monkeys that can been seen hanging out on the streets, swinging thru the trees and wandering down the golf carts paths. Yet, another amazing reason to move to Puerto Aventuras!


    Photo: Pelican Press 


  • Retirement in Mexico

    Ever dreamed of retiring to a tropical paradise? With the low cost of living and vibrant expat communities of many countries south of the border, some retirees have found that it's easier than ever to make those dreams a reality. Increasing numbers of older Americans are choosing to retire abroad, and many are opting to go south. If you're looking to enjoy warm weather, natural beauty, a slow, stress-free pace of life and low real-estate costs, and inexpensive medical and dental services look no further that Puerto Aventuras Mexico.

    Puerto Aventuras is an upscale residential community resort located in the heart of the Mayan Riviera. It is known primarily for its marina, which is the only one to be found along the Riviera. Puerto Aventuras is also the center of sport fishing for Mexico's Caribbean coast.

    Puerto Aventuras is a quiet alternative to the noisy and more crowded Playa del Carmen. It is centrally located, has an international selection of restaurants and is safe - with a 24-hour security patrol. All the restaurants use bottled water and purified ice. Activities include golf, tennis, and diving and there are a few small shops selling local crafts, a pharmacy and two small grocery stores.

    It is the perfect place to retire with a large wonderful group of expats. There is a golf course, tennis courts, and a large number of local water sports.


    Contact us today to schedule a tour of our available properties. Come to Paradise! 


  • Villa Las Palmas, Punta Matzoma

    Live in your dream beachfront get away... or simply make it a investment for rental income.
    This home showcase fine local craftsmanship employing tropical hardwoods, hand cut stone in living area walls, the main home is built on two levels, main and guest home have split level lounging and dining areas. Main entry through a private courtyard a bridge connects the guest studio, street entrance to main and guest house, central courtyard features lush landscaping with inspiring stone water fountain.

  • Chac Hal Al suite D-303

    Casa Amore is nestled among the lush gardens in Chac Hal Al condominiums - a luxurious gated community built on over 2 acres of premium real estate, this sumptuous 2 bedroom 2.5 bath home has gorgeous sea views from all rooms.

    Chac Hal Al suite D-303 is beachfront, complex features two swimming pools, manicured landscaped gardens, 24 hour security, gated parking space and a sought after full residential or vacation address. Find out more: 



  • Teresa Gutierrez

    Lured by the beach and the sand of the Riviera Maya, Teresa Gutierrez made the move to the Riviera Maya 24 years ago, when Playa del Carmen was only two streets of businesses, Tulum was 1 block long and the beach road was a jungle. 

    She decided to open a business in Puerto Aventuras which was so well maintained that foreigners starting asking her to help them with their properties, which lead her into property maintenance and then real estate sales.

    She has had many years of success in the industry and is a trusted and liked realtor in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico.

    Combining her knowledge of maintenance, the local area and the market place, she is the perfect person to buy or sell you a home in Quintana Roo, Mexico.

  • Suite G 301, Coco Beach, Playa del Carmen

    Natz Ti Ha condominium development is located close to the best that Playa del Carmen has to offer. Unique in location, quality and space, Casa Verano is perfect for the discerning buyer who wants to be in a preferred, secure and deluxe condo.

    This one of a kind penthouse boast a privileged location and is located just steps from the white sandy beach. Casa Verano "Summer House" is full of natural light and decorated with beautiful sunny colors.

    The furniture and decorations are magnificent and professional throughout, all custom made and shipped from the USA. Electrical hurricane shutters, special light features in kitchen and hall areas, beach theme on walls for decoration, soft relaxing wall painting and more to make your home away from home.


  • Oceanfront Penhouse, stunning Punta Roca 403

    Punta Roca 403, Punta Roca  -  Announcing a price reduction on 403-Bahia Kantena, a 4,700 sq. ft. single story. Now $1,100,000 USD - Oceanfront Gem.

    Property information

  • Purchasing ready to move in property vs Preconstruction

    Location, location location. Always the key on investment properties that you may want- to- resale some time down the road.

    For the last 15 years the Riviera Maya Mexico has being one of the most sought after areas to purchase real estate in Latin America.

    Playa Del Carmen is on of the hottest real estate destinations areas in Mexico. ...With over 300 - 2 and 3 bedroom units currently under construction measuring an average 1150 - 1400 Sq. ft - Ranging from $155,000 to $475,000 USD for penthouse units.

    Playa, as locals call this city, is considered de Mecca of real estate in the Mexico Riviera Maya.

    Current construction is taking place near the beach and around world famous 5 Ave. Modern amenities such: Underground parking, storage space, gym, lobby lounge space, security cameras, front desks, and disability access as some of the most recent trends buyers are looking for when buying properties

    Some buildings feature commercial spaces for sale, giving investors a chance to own rental spaces that will produce rental income ranging from $1,500 and over per month.

    If you are looking for residential investment properties one of the many aspects you need to take into consideration are the number of comparable units on the resale market, near the pre-construction building of your interest.

    If there are empty lots close by the building being built take into consideration that sooner than later those lots will be built on so you will face the inconveniences and that may affect your rental revenue.

    On the other hand there are benefits to purchase under construction properties: One obvious benefit that you get when you purchase under construction is the discount offered. Typically, builders offer at the launch of the project between 15 to 20 % lower pricing than when you pay for ready to move in home or condo. Some builders provide short term financing while they are building your new home and final payment balance on property delivery.

    While these advantages appear convincing and tempting, there are certain issues that you need to bear in mind, while buying under construction. The biggest disadvantage is the execution risk. After the funding crisis in 2008, many builders took their time to complete the projects. Waiting period in some cases surpassed up to 5 years in some cases, high costs forced some builders to abandon projects mid-way. For this, work with reputed builders and realtors to minimize this risk. However, buying from a reputed builder does not guarantee timely completion of whole project.

    Also ensure that the developer have clear ownership of land. If the project is mortgaged to a bank or a private investoer, ask the builder to arrange for a no objection certificate from the financier of the project. Either you do it yourself or engage a lawyer.

    When you buy a ready to move in home, you know and see exactly what you are getting. There are no chances of getting duped at least in those things which you can feel and experience. This is one big advantage of ready to move houses. You can already see who your neighbors are, when you purchase under construction you are never sure who your neighbors will be.
  • If you are buying or selling real estate after September 1, 2014

    The Secretary of Hacienda and Public Credit, the Mexican version of the IRS or Revenue Canada, issued a miscellaneous fiscal resolution that as of September 1, 2014 will affect all buyer and sellers of real estate in Mexico, regardless of their nationality.


    If you are buying or selling real estate after September 1, 2014, you will need to have both the CURP and the RFC.


    SAT- The tax authority has made the determination that in order for the costs involved in real estate transaction that is taking place be tax-deductible in the future for the party that is purchasing the real estate, the purchaser must provide, at closing, proof of a CURP (Clave Unica de Registro de Población, similar to a Social Security Number of Social Insurance Number) and a RFC (Registro Federal de Contribuyentes or Taxpayer ID Number).


    Furthermore, since it is the Notary Públic that will issue the tax-deductible electronic receipt (CFDI or Comprobante Fiscal Digital a través de Internet), the current criteria of the local notaries here so far is to insist on having both buyer AND seller show proof of the CURP and RFC in order to fully complete the receipt or CFDI.


    If you happen to be a foreign national, you will need to have either a permanent or temporary residency card as well, as right now it is a precursor to obtaining the CURP. (In practice those with a tourist visa are not being allowed to request a CURP).


    Those who do not have the residency permit must apply for the card at the nearest Mexican Consulate in the country of your origin and it should not take more than a few days. The card that you are issued should show the CURP. Once you have your CURP, you can apply for your RFC online. I would strongly recommend having a local accountant / or your attorney help you in order to make sure that the information you are providing is correct. He/she can walk you through the process and coordinate the appointment to finalize the procedure.


     Although these procedures can be done online, you will eventually have to be present  to register your residency permit with the local immigration office and to pick up the proof of your RFC at the local office of the tax authority (SAT) so when planning your closing dates I would also allow for time to have these things completed.


    Your residency and tax ID number will give you an identity in Mexico and will make certain procedures more streamlined and efficient.


    This new regulation just passed a couple of weeks ago and as with any new law, we expect that there could be changes as it is gradually implemented. The reasoning behind this is to ensure fiscal transparency in all purchase sale operations for everyone - both national and foreigners alike and to ensure fiscal transparency in all purchase sale operations.

  • Interesting start of the year for the Riviera Maya real estate market

    It has been a very interesting start of year for the Riviera Maya Mexico real estate market, our best since 2010. Sale values and number of properties sold have increased in the last 3 months

    This activity has placed Puerto Aventuras Rentals managed by Caribbean Realty among the top 3 vacation rental market leaders in Puerto Aventuras Quintana Roo. Our unique, secure and exclusive vacation rental market has stabilized and particularly strengthened by Riviera Maya luxury villa and condo rentals

    Check our real estate listings: While there still excellent opportunities left, a large part of our "distresed" exclusive listings  have been sold or are currently under contract.

    Do not miss an opportunity and sign up to receive our property listings. The luxury market will make increase by the end of the year

  • Anti-Money Laundering Law in Mexico


    The President of Mexico sent the bill of the Federal Law for Prevention and

    Identification of Transactions Involving Funds from Illegal Activities and used to Finance

    Terrorism (Mexican Anti- money laundering Law). The bill is now in efect

    This bill was designed as a strategy to combat organized crime in Mexico, and is based on two guiding principles:

    (i) to set up an inter-institutional organizational structure

    to share information in order to detect transactions involving funds deriving from unlawful


    (ii) And to enact required amendments to, and expansion of, the applicable legal


    The purpose of this law is that of establishing new measures and procedures to

    prevent and detect acts or transactions carried out with funds obtained from illicit

    activities, which will be applicable to many sectors of the economy that are not currently

    considered to be part of the financial system, thus bringing into the fold financial brokers

    and some professionals – notaries public, public commercial attestors, metals brokers,

    among others – to assist in the prevention and detection of this criminal activity, who will

    be under the obligation of reporting any vulnerable activities in which they engage as well

    as any transactions which their customers may carry out with illegal funds.

    Sanctions for failing to comply with the law are:

    a) Monetary, ranging from 12,000 to up to 4 million pesos,

    b) The revocation of permits when involving raffles and lotteries,

    c) Disqualification of public commercial attestors.

    d) Specific sanctions in the case of public notaries and even prison terms ranging from 2 to 8 years.

    The Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (Spanish acronym SHCP) equivalent to the USA IRS -shall be in

    charge of its application, and the Mexican Office of the Attorney General will set up a

    special entity in charge of conducting the financial and accounting review of illicit fund

    transactions to be known by the name Unidad Especializada en Análisis Financiero en

    Contra de la Delincuencia Organizada (Anti-Organized Crime Financial Review Special


    The SHCP shall inform the Office of the Public Federal Prosecutor of any act or

    transaction undertaken by financial entities which may entail a federal crime, for the latter

    to proceed as required.

    1.Financial Entities

    The bill and the specific laws governing financial entities establish certain obligations to

    be complied with by financial entities.

    a) They must take proper measures and establish procedures to prevent and detect

    any acts, omissions or transactions that may involve money-laundering activity.

    Vulnerable Activities:

    The bill defines the term “vulnerable activities” as those which give rise to the

    obligation of identifying the client, the client’s business or professional activity, obtaining

    information on the beneficiary of the transaction, preserving the relevant documentation

    and of facilitating review by the authorities of the information relating to such activity, and

    finally, to the obligation of reporting the activity to the SHCP once a certain threshold is

    reached. These are described below:

    1.-Habitual business or professional activities involving the issuance and marketing of

    travelers checks by entities other than financial institutions. Transactions for

    amounts equal to or in excess of 40,000 pesos must be reported.

    2.-Habitual business or professional activities involving the granting of secured or

    unsecured credit and loans, and acting as surety in transactions of this kind, by

    persons or entities other than financial entities. Transactions involving amounts

    equal to or greater than 100,000 pesos must be reported.

    3.-Habitual business or professional activities involving the construction or real-estate

    development activities or activities involving intermediation in title conveyance or

    the creation of liens and encumbrances over real-estate, involving purchase and

    sale transactions of property of this kind on behalf of or for clients, and the entities

    rendering such services. Transactions for amounts equal to or in excess of

    500,000 pesos must be reported.

    4.-Habitual business or professional activities involving the marketing and brokerage

    of precious metals, gems, jewelry or watches, when involving the purchase and

    sale of these goods in acts or transactions for amounts equal to or greater than

    50,000 pesos, exception made of transactions of this kind in which the Mexican

    central bank is involved. Cash transactions with a client equal to or greater than

    100,000 pesos must be reported.

    5.-Habitual business or professional activities involving the sale at auction or

    marketing of works of art, involving purchase and sale transactions in amounts

    equal to or greater than 150,000 pesos. Transactions equal to or in excess of

    300,000 pesos must be reported.

    6.-Habitual business or professional activities involving the marketing of and

    dealership in new and used motor vehicles, aircraft or maritime vessels with a

    value equal to or greater than $ 200,000 pesos. Transactions in amounts greater

    than 400,000 pesos must be reported.

    7.-Habitual business or professional activities involving the provision of armoring

    services for new and used land vehicles and armored protection for premises in

    amounts equal to or in excess of  $150,000 pesos. Transactions in excess of

    $300,000 must be reported.

    8.-Habitual business or professional activities involving the transportation and

    custody of cash and valuables in transit, exception made of those carried out by

    the Mexican central bank and securities depositary institutions. When the amount

    involved is equal to or greater than 200,000 pesos the transaction must be


    The rendering of professional services when there is no labor relacionship with

    the client  in preparing for or involving in the name or on behalf of a client in any

    of the activities below:

    a) The purchase and sale of, or assignment of rights over, Real Estate;

    b) The management of financial resources, securities or any other of the client’s assets;

    c) The handling and management of bank, savings or securities investment accounts;

    d) The organization of capital contributions or any other type of financial

    resources to incorporate, operate and manage commercial companies; or

    e) The incorporation, spin-off, merger, operation and management of legal

    entities or corporate vehicles, including trusts and the acquisition and sale of

    commercial companies.

    The rendering of notarial services by notaries-at law or other public attestors, as


    A. Activities carried out by notaries public:

    a) The purchase and sale of real estate or the creation or the transfer of rights in

    rem over this type of property.

    b) The granting of irrevocable powers of attorney for acts of administration and


    c) The incorporation, change in ownership structure, merger or spin-off of all

    kinds of legal entities and the acquisition of stock and ownership interests of

    such entities.

    d) The creation of or amendments to guarantee trusts and transfer of title trust

    deeds relating to real estate, except for those created to guarantee loans

    granted by banking institutions or public housing agencies.

    e) The granting of secured and unsecured loans and credits when creditor is not

    a banking or financial institution nor a public housing agency.

    Activities carried out by public commercial attestors:

    a) Appraisals of property with a value equal to or in excess of 500,000 pesos.

    b) The incorporation, change in ownership interests, merger or spin-off of all

    kinds of business entities and the acquisition and sale of stock or ownership

    interests of such entities.

    c) The creation of trusts, amendments to and assignment of rights under trusts deeds.

    d) The granting of business loans or credits where the creditor is not part of the

    banking and financial system.

    e) The reception of donations by non-profit legal entities in amounts equal to or

    exceeding 100,000 pesos. Donations must be reported once they reach the

    200,000 peso threshold.

    The services rendered by customs brokers or special customs clearance agents

    under authorization granted by the SHCP to act on behalf of another to have the

    goods listed below cleared through customs under the different customs regimes

    provided in the Mexican customs law:

    a) New and used land vehicles, aircraft and vessels, whatever their value;

    b) New and used gaming and lottery ticket vending machines, whatever their value;

    c) Equipment and materials used in the production of cards to effect payment,

    whatever the value of the goods.

    d) Jewelry, watches, gems and precious metals, when the value of each

    individual item is equal to or exceeds 485 times the daily minimum wage in the

    Distrito Federal;

    e) Works of art, when the value of each individual item is equal to or exceeds 4815 times the daily

    minimum wage in the Federal District;

    f) Armoring materials for armored vehicles, whatever their value.

    The lease of real estate when the monthly rental amount exceeds 100,000 pesos

    on the day payment is made or the obligation is satisfied.


    Reports must include the following information:

    (i) general ID data on the person engaging in the vulnerable activity;

    (ii) general ID data on client, users or controlling beneficiary

    (iii) a description of the vulnerable activity being reported.

    The reported information and supporting documentation as well as the identity of the

    reporting individual or entity and that of their representatives (in the case of legal entities)

    shall be considered secret and confidential as provided by the Federal Law of

    Transparency and Access to Governmental Public Information and shall be used

    exclusively in the prevention, detection and combating money-laundering activities and all

    related criminal activity.


    The following are obligations binding on those who engage in vulnerable activities:

    1. To identify the clients and users with whom such activities are carried out and

    check their identity by requiring that they show official credentials and ID

    documents, and to photocopy such documents.

    2. Obtain information on the client’s business activities or occupation only in the

    event a formal and day-to-day relation is established, precluding occasional acts

    or transactions.

    3. Request the client or user that engages in vulnerable activities to provide

    information when becoming aware of the existence of any person(s) who is(are)

    the actual beneficiaries thereof or who has(have) control over the legal entities with

    whom it engages in vulnerable activities and, if found to be warranted, to request

    the client or user to show official ID of such person(s) if in his/her possession,

    otherwise, to state that he does not have it.

    4. To keep in custody, protect, safeguard and prevent the destruction or

    concealment of the vulnerable activity supporting information and documentation

    as well as of that used to identify its clients and users. This information and

    documents shall be kept for five years counted as of the initial date of the

    vulnerable activity.

    Facilitate inspection visits.

    Submit timely reports to the SHCP complying with all formalities required by law.

    There are different requirements for individuals and legal entities. If the person who

    engages in the vulnerable activity is a legal entity, it must appoint the person who will be

    responsible for certifying compliance with its obligations before the SHCP, this person

    having to be a member of the top management. The management body will be

    responsible for doing so until such appointment is made. Individuals are required to

    comply with these obligations directly and personally.

    Moreover, the bill provides that those who engage in vulnerable activities shall refuse to

    carry out the relevant transaction, without incurring in liability, should their clients or users

    fail to provide the information or documents mentioned above as required to enable them

    to meet their obligations.


    Settlements in cash, whether in paper bills and/or coinage, in Mexican and/or foreign

    currencies or with precious metals, is prohibited in the following instances:

    a) On the transfer of title or the creation of rights of any kind over stock certificates or

    certificates evidencing ownership interests in legal entities having a value in

    excess of 200,000 pesos on the date payment is made or the obligation is


    b) The creation or assignment of rights in rem on real estate involving an amount

    equal to or greater than $500,000 pesos on the date payment is made or the

    obligation is settled.

    c) The acquisition of tickets allowing participation in gambling activities, lotteries and

    raffles, as well as the delivery or payment for prizes on such gaming activities,

    lotteries and raffles in an amount greater than 200,000 pesos on the day payment

    is made or the obligation is settled.

    d) On the transfer of title or creation of rights in rem on new or used land vehicles,

    aircraft or maritime vessels in an amount equal to or greater than 400,000 pesos,

    on the day payment is made or the obligation is settled.

    e) For the rendering of armoring services for any of the vehicles, aircraft or vessels

    mentioned in the preceding paragraph or else for the installation of armored

    protection on immovable property in an amount greater than 200,000 pesos on

    the day payment is made or the obligation is settled.

    f) On the transfer of title over watches, jewelry, precious metals and gems, either of

    individual items or lots, and over works of art, in an amount equal to or greater

    than 300,000 pesos on the day payment is made or the obligation is settled.

    g) Leases of any of the property referred to in items b, d and e, in an amount greater

    than 200,000 pesos on the day payment is made or the obligation is settled.

  • 3 Story For Sale in Colosio

    Uniquely Designed for Living

    • 80 sq. m., 1 bath, 1 bdrm 3 story "Modern" - MLS $595,000 USD - One of a Kind Investment

     -  Casa Antica: One-of-a-kind triplex boasts 3 one bedrooms condos each is uniquely designed for comfort and privacy. Ground floor unit has a large garden terrace with water fountain, open plan kitchen, sliding wooden doors open to bedroom with king size bed, large walk-in closet, full bath with shower, the garden area wraps the entire unit.

    Second floor offers a private terrace overlooking a lush garden, offers open plan feeling, kitchen, living area, large bedroom with en-suite bath with bath, large walk-in closet.

    Penthouse: With ocean views from dining area, open plan with a charming terrace overlooking the lush garden, the kitchen is equipped with industrial stove and oven, fully furnished for a chef delight, dining, bedroom and bath with a beautiful tiled shower.

    Building is for sale fully furnished, surveillance cameras, gated entrance for the 3 condos, enjoy ocean views from your large roof terrace with brick grill and fountain, pantry and laundry room in each apartment, parking for 3 cars, large water reservoir, ready to move in. Beach is two blocks away

    Building offers many unique features and its a great investment to profit while living on-site

    By appointment only

    Property information

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